Tokidoki BarbieTokidoki Barbie is another doll addition manufactured by Mattel to the broadly known soft, cute, and sweet Barbie figure. However, the newly designed Barbie has plenty of distinguishable accessories from most of the collections available in the market. If previously you think Barbie can never go wild enough to surprise the world, you were wrong. Please introduce Tokidoki Barbie and her new pet named Bastardino. The cute characters of Barbie dresses up with some rocker accessories just like what you often see on glamour metal band in 1990’s. She wears logo-print legging and visible tattoos around the neck.

Tokidoki Barbie is actually developed by two companies which collaborate to make the famous Barbie doll has a completely new look. It is Mattel (of course) and Tokidoki, which was founded by Simone Legno. The result is a blending combination of Barbie with Tokidoki accessories, which are designed by the Italian. Tokidoki Barbie brings the new impression of Barbie; the already known, anticipated cute and friendly look of the doll has turned into the completely different look with glamour rocker and it is not surprising that the product also accepts great deals of feedbacks from the entire fans and collectors.

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Tokidoki Barbie Review

Barbie is considerably the most successful artist or celebrity in fashion world since ever the first release more than 50 years ago. She has always been bringing the most fashionable clothing; she reflects the trending style in every current time when she comes out to the market. It has been done by Mattel for plenty of years and Barbie has achieved great deals of success ever since. She becomes the undisputed symbol of the present generation’s style for little girls from all over the world. Barbie has conquered the world with her glamour and fashionable clothing; it is hard to find the matching characters that come equal to the achievements and success she has acquired. Tokidoki Barbie does the trending again; somehow, it reflects funky/rocker/glamour/metal look or whatever terms derived from the impression of the new look.

Tokidoki Barbie Doll is designed by an Italian named Simone Legno, who owns Tokidoki, a company manufacturing apparels such as handbag, belts, bracelets and many more. Since the new doll is the result of the collaboration of Mattel (the original creator and manufacturer of Barbie) and Tokidoki, she brings plenty of recognizable accessories from the brand. In a glance, Barbie looks like to be ready to go to rock music party. She also brings along a pet named Bastardino. The pet is colored green and has thorns all over the body. It looks like a combination of a dog and cactus.

The clothing that Tokidoki Barbie wears includes a black top that is painted with heart and bone pictures in front. Barbie also tattooed some parts of the body especially in the neck and shoulder. The design of the top clothing makes the tattoos clearly visible by everyone passing her by. Gold Label Tokidoki Barbie brings plenty of accessories such as belt, handbag, and bracelet, which are all made by Tokidoki. The hair is painted in pink color and she wears logo-printed legging in combination with silver high heels shoes.

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Tokidoki Barbie Features

  • Tokidoki Barbie with glamour metal look
  • New pet named Bastardino
  • Pink miniskirt
  • Logo legging
  • Featuring accessories from Tokidoki
  • Limited edition Gold Label

Tokidoki Barbie has a complete impression of rocker girl with all the accessories she brings and clothing that she wears. She wears logo legging and silver shoes, black top with bones and heart symbols, also with pink colored hair. The pet accompanies her is a cactus pup colored green with thorns all over the body. The accessories are Tokidoki branded. In short, Tokidoki Barbie is the new and rare edition of Barbie dolls featuring rocker fashion and comes out to the market as Gold Label product.